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 3. Digimon, Tamer Cards & Digivolution
 Posted: Jul 27 2014, 10:17 PM

Digimon Info & Rules
choosing your partner

Selecting a Digimon: While completing your character application, you will decide between the three attributes of digimon, "Virus", "Vaccine", or "Data". In addition, you may select a preference for a digimon's family. A family dictates common traits between digimon, such as Wind Guardians are often capable of flight. The list of families you may pick from are: "Nature Spirits", "Deep Savers", "Nightmare Soldiers", "Wind Guardians", "Metal Empire", "Virus Busters", "Dragon's Roar", or "Jungle Troopers". Alternatively, if you have no preference or are unknowledgable enough on the subject, you may pick "None". Whatever you prefer is completely and entirely up to you. You will indicate your selection in the "Digified" section of your profile.

Once your character is ready for approval, a staff member will post in your thread with 3 randomized options of rookie digimon of the attribute that you chose. Once you have made your decision of which of the three shall be your Digimon, you should create a thread in the Digidex using the template

Note if you do not like the choices you are given, for the cost of 50 DigiPoints (the amount you get for registering), you can get an additional randomization. However, doing so bars you from returning to your original 3 choices. PM a staff member if you'd like to do this. In addition, if you ask a moderator for a specific digimon, then you will not get it.

Staff Choice: If you'd like, instead of having your digimon chosen by the randomizer, you can have staff analyze your profile and offer you tailored decisions. If you'd like this, just put "variable" for the attribute. You will still be given three choices.

See Character Application Guide for more details about picking your digimon.

Meeting your Digimon: So after you have been accepted and post up your Digidex Page, you will be ready to begin your rping. You must RP the first meeting of your Digimon and Human character ICly. You can do this in a single post, or you can find (or make) a friend to rp all of this out with as a story. On this site, Digimon who want partners find Seraphimon (American) or Vulcanusmon (Japan) in the Digital World to receive a Digivice. They then travel the the Real World to find their human partner, a child who will activate their digivice when in close proximity.

In addition, you are free to rp the Digimon and/or Human separately if you please and wait as long as you'd like before the two meet. This may give you time to better establish the characters as individuals before introducing them.

Digivolution: The ability to digivolve to new and higher levels allows a digimon to become stronger. It is earned through purchase at the Digistore (note, only registered members can access it). Through In-Character posting on the forum, you will gain DigiPoints (or DP) which will allow you to access new abilities. Note that the purchase of your In-Training and Rookie forms is completely free. After you have purchased a new form, you can add it to your Digidex page (note: you must have your Fresh, In-Training and Rookie forms in your Digidex page). If you would like to add forms before you have purchased them, make sure you slash out the information.

Deletion: If your digimon is killed or "deleted", you must do at least 20 IC posts where the Digimon is an egg before you can have the digimon rehatch. For solo digimon, if you are deleted you do not need to RP any time frame as an egg, but you must make 10 posts as a Fresh digimon first to digivolve to your In-Training. You must also make 10 additional posts as an In-Training in order to digivolve to your Rookie stage. This is on the Honor's System and staff may not be monitoring you (however they might or other members may). If your Digimon's data was "loaded" by an opponent after being defeated, they will lose all memories of their last life. Those memories can only be regained by loading the Digimon that defeated it before it gets deleted itself. If that digimon gets deleted, your memories are lost forever.

Digimon Cards: Digimon who have tamers with D-Power Digivices have access to Digimon Cards. The tamers can swipe the cards in their digivice to grant their Digimon new powers. Only one card can be used at a time (and once per fight), however the card can be used again in later threads. The effects of the last card used ends when a new card is used (including the blue card for digivolution), a digimon digivolves naturally, or the tamer loses the concentration to keep the card activated. Digibattle cards can be purchased from the Digistore. Once you have purchased them, please keep a log of the cards you have and their quantity in your Digidex.


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