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 4. Digivices, the power of evolution
 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 09:54 PM

the unbreakable bond

Adventure Digivice (Digidestined)

Those with the best intentions and the purest of hearts may find their digivice takes this form. The Adventure Digivice is suited best for adventure because it will protect its Digidestined from evil through all means possible. It digivice will beep or vibrate to warn the digidestined of nearby danger. Furthermore, it can project beams of light that have debilitating effects on Digimon whose hearts are filled with malice. Digivolution with this digivice is powered by a Digimon's drive to protect its partner.

D-3 Digivice (Digidestined)

The D-3 Digivice is a model with the unique ability to utilize Digiportals. Throughout the Digital World are various computer monitors which allow instant travel between them for anyone lucky enough to wield this device. This model even allows the user to create Digiportals through networked computers in the real world. In addition, the D-3 maintains a link between the wielder and his/her Digimon so that should they become separated the digivice will point the digidestined in their partner's direction. Digivolution with this digivice is powered by the emotional syncing between the partners.

D-Power Digivice (Tamers)

The D-Power Digivice is unique in that it allows its wielder to power up his or her Digimon with Digicards that can be found in various locations throughout the Digital World. By merely swiping a Digicard, the Digimon will gain unique new abilities that give it an edge over other Digimon. Furthermore, the D-Power can analyze nearly every Digimon that the Digidestined's Digimon sees, has a Compass/Radar function which can detect when an aggressive Digimon is nearby, and can display what the Tamer's Digimon is seeing. Digivolution with this digivice is powered through the Digimon's hard work, training, and effort (or digimodify cards). In order to speed up the process, the Digimon can absorb the data of opponents it has defeated in battle.

D-Tector Digivice (Guardians)

This Digivice is the rarest across models. Those who possess it are not partnered with Digimon but instead given a unique power: the power of Spirit Evolution. In order to do this, the DigiDestined must release a ring of their own Fractal Code, hold the Digivice and scan it. Doing this allows the human to become a powerful digimon. Unfortunately, when a Spirit Evolved human is defeated, he or she is not reborn as Digimon are, but instead vanquished permanently.

Data Link Digivice (Savers)

Unlike other Digivices which allow one's Digimon to digivolve through training or trust, the Data Link Digivice allows the tamer to be much more independent. With this digivice, the Digidestined's determination and inner strength alone catalyzes Digivolution. Thus, even a Digimon who despises his or her partner would be able to digivolve. The energy generated by the Digidestined is known as "Digisoul". A Data Link Digivice is capable of absorbing and storing the Digidestined's Digimon inside with the push of a button below the monitor. This feature can be used to either allow the Digimon to rest, or to reprimand unruly Digimon.

Pendulum X (Sovereigns) (Banned)

Pendulum X is the first model of Digivice that was ever given to digidestineds. It can be considered the prototype digivice, the original.


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