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 2. RULES, rules of the site...
 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 05:01 PM

words to make walls

Welcome to Digimon: Kids in America! Here we liked to be organized and civilized. It would be very much appreciated if you observe and follow these following rules very carefully. If everyone abides by the rules the site will run much more smoothly and everyone's RPing experience will be a fun and positive one. Thank you.

Site Rules

1.) Be respectful, not just to staff but to other members as well. Be courteous of their time, and their willingness to help.

2.) Keep cursing to a bare minimum. I understand if it slips out every now and then, but a bunch of constant sailor talk will not be permitted.

3.) No drama, keep all of your personal issues to yourself. If situations occur between members, it will be solved in a civil manner by either resolving the conflict between yourselves or with staff intervention.

4.) No trolling. Trolling is where people stir up trouble in an online community by posting irrelevant and controversial material in the attempts to hurt the site. That is extremely immature and will not be tolerated in the slightest. Be polite and respectful to members. This also means no baiting, egging on, or otherwise being pointlessly rude. Baiting is when you post/address in a manner to another member in an attempt to illicit an aggressive response. It's usually quite obvious when someone is trolling, and if you are suspected of it, we will take appropriate actions.

5.) No flaming. Don't spit insults or demean others while on this forum. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in a ban, no questions asked. Simple as that.

6.) No Spamming. Posting the same thing repeatedly is an offense. Please do not spam the boards or the CBox with any ridiculous banter, information, etc. Don't repeatedly post needlessly links, images, or whatever else. It's great to share relevant posts, now and again. This ALSO includes repeatedly bugging members to post in your thread. Have patience, because people have different schedules, and may take a few days to get a post back. If you repeatedly bother them, this could be considered harassment. Be considerate of fellow players. This also includes repeatedly asking for profiles to be checked. Staff usually get to it within a day, but sometimes that isn't possible. So be patient. It's pretty clear if you, as a member, are repeatedly asking or hinting at it.

7.) No Advertisements. This is not a place where you go around posting links to your sites or your friends sites, looking for members. This an RP and shall be treated as such, not as your personal billboard. I understand if you're linking to a video or news story or cool site you happened to come across, but as soon as you start spamming with the link, you'll definitely be in trouble.

8.) Don't ask for anything illegal. No warez, appz, hacks, porn, or anything considered sick. You ask once, you will be told the rules. You ask twice, you are banned.

Application Rules

9.) Check out the Bans & Wanteds thread before you start!

10.) Any and all pics used within player accounts must be of the anime/manga variety, or designed in such a way to mimic it. Our site likes to focus a lot of attention on it's aesthetics, and this is simply one of the designs we chose to run with. If you are using images from a series like Final Fantasy, ensure that both the still and moving images you use appear two dimensional, and not the typical three dimensional form the games use. Please note that we do not allow 'OCs' (original characters) to be used as face claims. The FC must be from some, existing series/show/manga.

11.) Player accounts must share the first and last name of that of their character. We understand that sometimes coming up with a name first is difficult and sometimes may even be one of the last things done for an app. So, be sure that your account name matches your character name by the time your app is ready for review.

12.) If you are a member (new or old), especially trying to get your profile accepted, your character plotted, or just generally RP here, it is expected that you read through information in the Plot & Rules Forum, and the canon information forum is very helpful for this as well, as it answers a LOT of your general questions. Check out the IC FAQ first, before asking questions that have already been answered. Don't ask questions that have already been pointed out, as this can be a waste of time for staff and other members when you ask for information that you should have already read.

13.) When you're apping your character you have 2 options. Either choose an Attribute, vaccine or virus or data and we will randomly roll 3 digimon from a pool of digimon of that attribute for you, and then you get to decide between which of those 3 digimon you want. OR you may choose variable, and we will choose 3 digimon for you from ANY type based on what we think fits your character. This also includes any canon digimon, you can check the list HERE.

See HERE for details on the character app, and digimon selection.

14.) Additionally, once you have been given your choice of digimon for your character, you have the option to reroll. Rerolling entails you choosing between Vaccine or Virus or Data EVEN IF you had originally chosen Variable. Rerolling costs 50 DP (which is the amount of DP you get for registering an account).

15.) There is currently no ban on how many characters you can make at the present time, however before you make a new character, you must have at least 10 posts on any and all previous character. This is to reduce character flooding.

IC Rules

16.) Create your topics with relevant titles. Please, name your title something that pertains to your post.

17.) Use Readable Colors. Sometimes people seem to use colors that are unreadable in their posting templates. Try to use easily read colors as much as possible, and they often vary depending on the skins. Pay attention to which skin is the default skin, and make sure it can be read on that.

18.) Posting within a thread by yourself with one or more of your own characters is not allowed. You are permitted to have more than one of your own characters in a thread so long as at least one other player is within the thread and actively posting. This prevents double posting, an easy way to gain DP by simply spamming posts.

19.) Solo posts are banned outside of the solo post board. The only exception is if a player is RP'ing their character meeting their digimon (or gaining their digivice in the case of Guardians) and doing it solo. In this one instance, the thread can be made outside of the solo board but must adhere only to one post. After that, any and all solo posts are to be made on the solo board, as it is intended for any manner of character development you wish to make. You will not receive DP for your posts on this board, however.

20.) Posting Standards are a must. We are a minimum of a medium-level writing forum. Members, both new and old, are held to standards of using some semblance of spell check (it's built into all browsers, so there should be no excuse here). You should also have a decent understanding of grammar. English is not everyone's first language, so this is considered, but it must be clear that you are making an effort. If you cannot meet these minimums, we may ask you to leave, until which a point you have practiced enough to contribute more to the site's overall quality.

21.) We are now enacting a minimum word count, but we will be requiring members to put forth effort in their post. Posts should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs that offer some substance, and should generally be free of terribly poor grammar or multiple spelling errors. A paragraph is 'subjective', but you could say anywhere from 3-5 sentences per paragraph. We aren't going to codify this for you, use your best judgement. This is an extension of rule 20. These rules are by no means to say 'you must be a professional writer'. All they are saying is that you must make an effort to do the best you can, and as long as you are trying and working on improving, then you should have nothing to worry about. If you are concerned on this, ask for feedback or assistance.


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