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 Digital World Atlas
 Posted: Jan 6 2017, 11:40 AM

The Digital World Atlas
a vast realm...

Hey here's a world map of the digital world.


Oracle is found in the North-western hemisphere and is the second largest continent in the digital world. The land is divided into three large sections. To the South and South-West are the Mystic Ruins. There are many clear ponds and lakes across the landscape, especially near old ruins and villages. These ruins can be found both above and below land, and the subterrainean ruins are built more like mazes than anything else. North of here is the Wayward Jungle. It is a vast jungle dividing the land in two and is full of rivers and trees with roots that can stretch up to miles around. Lastly the Faraway Alpine covers the entire North part of the continent. It's location to the far North makes it so it is perpetually covered in snow, ice and frost. It's a mountainous area that can be trecherous to cross.


Sever is the largest continent and is found in the North-western hemisphere, closer to the equator. The land is divided into five areas, with the land of the Tree of Life further dividing the Techno Plains into two pieces. The land of the Tree of Life is considered sacred and is guarded by Swanmon and DigiTamamon. To the East and West of it is the Techno Plains which stretches across the entire northern part of the continent. The Infinity Canyon almost lines itself up with the border of the Techno Plains but stops shorts against the Tree of Life. The Cyber Jungle can be found West of this area with it's large technologically fused trees stretching across almost every inch of this area. Finally the Shining Desert can be found to the South, it's land dried up from the heart experienced being so near the equator.


Ping is one of the smaller continents and is found South far South of the equator and in the East. Because it's in the southern hemisphere, things are a little backwards. The Giant Cliffs are found at the tip of the northern edge of the continent and spread down to the sides like an arrow head. Here there are, well, giant cliffs, trees and what have you. Down the center of the continent and separating the giant cliffs from the haunted mountains is the floating lands. There are many rivers and lakes as well as hills that are found here with many, many floating lands up in the sky. To the very South are the Haunted Mountains, which can experience a rather cold climate during the right time of the year. These mountains are perpetually surrounded in mist, giving them an eerie feeling.


Zip is widely considered the smallest continent as it's lands are broken up into several smaller islands. It's located on the equator, giving it an incredibly warm-to-hot and tropical climate. There are three main islands. Seafarer's Island is located to the West and is incredibly hilly with small mountains down the center. Volcanic Peak is located to the East of this island. It has less hilly areas but is instead covered in volcanoes, both above and below ground. Crystal Beach is located to the South and is rather flat. It gets it's name from the entire island basically being a beach from one end to the next. There are several smaller islands located South and West of here.

Daemon Empire

Not much is known about this place other than it's surrounded by an impenetrable firewall.


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