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 Memories of Loss [open | Seraphimon]
Hinawa Kagami
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 01:46 PM

This place was where it all started, over a year ago. Slowly, Hinawa walked through the subway station - it was getting late, yet the thinning crowd was still more than enough to disappear within. She truly despised that - fading into the crowd, not standing out, being... ordinary. It was disgusting. She wasn't like other people - she was smarter, more talented, and generally BETTER than them.

And when it all started, this was finally recognized. She remembered the Gazimon attack - jumping off of a balcony, and digivolving for the first time. The feeling of flight. Being called to the Digital World... She missed it. Not her duty as a chosen one, no - not having to fight for others for a bit was nice enough. She didn't MIND, really - while she wasn't a very nice person, fighting Daemon and his cronies had been... fun, despite the dangers.

But what she missed... Were the very first people she could tolerate to be around. Aiden and the rest of DEAD. Their Digimon partners, and other Digimon within the Digital World. But most of all... She missed Falcomon's voice, and the ability to fly. Even if they had never become great fighters, Falcomon was the only real 'friend' she ever had.

Stopping near one of the elevators that nobody ever seemed to pay attention to, Hinawa leaned against a wall. Absent-mindedly, she pulled out the D-Tector from her pocket. Still the same warning. 'No connection'. She never knew that the damn thing had always-online DRM, but here she was - the elevator didn't go into the underground anymore, she couldn't talk to Falcomon, and she sure as shit couldn't digivolve and fly anymore. Sighing in frustration, she just wanted a damn way back into the Digital World - and now she had actual reason to believe one existed. She saw more than one Digimon in the human world again, after all... But how to get there was a whole other problem.


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Sigmund Sauer
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 03:38 PM

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Headed to a friend's place for the day who lived in the city up north, Sigmund was dropped off at the train station and hurried to buy his ticket before his train left. He wasn't sure why Kiba had urgently called him out of the blue for a meeting like that, or why they couldn't talk about it over the phone. But, apparently, it had something to do with the mysterious occurrences surrounding Tower City-- which, of course, meant Digimon. Which also meant Sigmund couldn't ignore his distant friend's call, and that he would go the extra mile to get to the bottom of whatever was going on there.

So, shoving the train ticket his just bought into his jacket pocket, the blonde barista hurried down the vast flight of steps he thought would lead to the station his train was departing at. Realizing he had never been here before and had no idea in which direction to go, however, he grew wide-eyed at the thought of being lost. He continued forward, however, and found himself in a scarcely populated station flanked by elevators on both sides of its staircase. The signs posted in this station made it very clear that it was a sub-level, and definitely not where Sigmund's train was. He sighed, daunted at the idea of having to go up those steps again. Then, remembering the elevators he'd seen, perked up a bit again and strode towards the closest one only a few steps away.

He didn't notice her at first.

Despite the fact that she was right there, close enough to reach out an arm and touch, Sigmund managed to get close enough to the elevator to push its call button and wait around a few seconds for it to arrive. He hummed a little song to himself as he waited, sensing the presence of the girl there but not turning to look at her. Just yet. When he did, however-- tossing a quick and casual glance her way with his hazel brown orbs-- he had to take a moment to reorient himself. His mouth fell, agape, as he slowly turned to look at her. "S-Shit! Stay away!"Then, with adrenaline pumping through his veins, he pivoted away from her and bolted. He did well not to shove anyone in his way. Surprisingly well.

He even had an escape route in mind immediately, darting towards the elevator on the other side of the station and running inside it so fast he basically tackled the wall. Whether she was in pursuit or not, he would press the button repeatedly, practically begging for the elevator doors to close before it finally let him make his escape. Holy fucking shit.


tag: @Hinawa Kagami
notes: hope you're okay with a silly cameo; sigmund's getting beamed up elsewhere haha

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"I'd stay and talk, but you're a bit of an asshole!"

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 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 10:33 PM

While Hinawa's presence scared Sigmund away from the entire scenario before he could even get in, a certain flying potato was in fact, not flying. He was going towards a certain independent person who had a certain amount of some random Digidestined fearing them. What exactly was up with this girl and how did she have that much of a presence to her? Pfft, as if Patamon cared. All he cared about was booping people to the Digital World.

That was, until he saw the girl. Hoo boy, it was time to use that wing of his to brush back his fur and make some moves. She was a Guardian, so it was totally fine, she was basically half Digimon as is. This was totally not gonna backfire in the future, not at all.

He crawled his way to the girl, then as soon as he could, would flutter up and land on her head, "Yo! What a looker we have here! I never knew we threw crests at such fascinating creatures!" This was the most childish flirt of all time, he probably would have been better off as an Angemon trying, but oh well. He was too mature at that size.

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