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 Point Transfer Thread
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 07:30 AM

Point Transfer
when you're all capped out, mate

This is a really simple thread with a real simple purpose: to allow you to move around DP that you no longer need. The primary purpose is to allow members to move DP away from characters that they can, for the most part, no longer use. This may be because of character deaths, or (more likely) when you've bought all the items that you really want on said character. For such characters that no longer need their DP, you can simply have them moved to other characters. Additionally, you may move DP from characters that you are no longer planning to use, for one reason or another, because why let all of that DP go to waste, too?

However, this system is not to be abused and so I'll lay out the ground rules for it.

1) This is not a donation thread. Do not come to this thread asking other people to donate their DP to you, nor should you go anywhere else in the site to do so. This is a Point Transfer thread, and is only to be used to move DP from one of your characters to another one of your own characters.

2) No "one and done"s. What I mean is: do not create a character, do a couple posts, and then dump that character and swap your DP around. For characters with a low post count (up to the discretion of the staff member transferring the points), you will only get the DP moved for the posts that you did, not the DP that you start out with. Only the truly active characters will get all their DP, and that's cause it is logical to believe they have already spent their starting DP.

3) Think before you act. It's a task to take staff away from their own posting and plots to have them come here, move your DP around, and then for you to come back 5 minutes or even 5 days later saying "Hey can you move that DP back?". Make a request only when you're sure about it; leave no room for second guessing. If suddenly you remembered this one super awesome plot you wanted to do that required you to buy an item, but you just gave away all your DP on that account, staff are well within their rights to deny you (or delay) your Transfer if they notice your mistake.

Follow these simple rules and we can all enjoy this little system, but if we find that people are attempting to just abuse it then we can just take it away. Thanks ahead of them, folks!


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