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 Made a mistake (OPEN)
Mateo Blu
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 08:01 AM

Digidestined (D-3)

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Mateo Blu

“Wait,...” Mateo said, his voice thick with his accent, as he gave his new found friend Sigmund a mixed look of excitement and confusion as his gaze fglanced down to first his digivice. Noticing the dark screeen, he felt his spirit sink a bit, before he turned to look at Sigmund’s who’d seem to spring to life. A red dot, blimping in the young man’s screen, catching Mateo mildly by surprised as he shot a look between the two men, hoping for his skae they hadn’t caught the look of utter disappointment that glinted in his eyes, as he realized...it hadn’t been his digivice.

Normally Mateo was so good at hiding his feelings, keeping everything to himself, but ever since he’d gotten his damn digivice. It was almost impossible for him not to wear his emotions on his sleeves, a fact he utterly hatted, as he felt it made him not only open...but vulnerable. Gathering himself, he pushed aside his own disappointment, wipping the twinkling of regret from his eyes, he focused on Sigmund once more, offering him a gnetle albeit slightly sad looking smile, as the wind slowly picked up around them, at least enough that he could feel it brush tenderly agaisnt his exposed skin.

What happened next however seemed loke a blurr, as before Mateo knew it, Sigmund had a rather over sized albeit adorable looking...bunny on his chest? At least it looked like a bunny, but honestly one glance was more than enough for Mateo to realize what and more important who this was. This had to be Sigmund’s partner, why else would he be taking so in strive, he reasoned with himself as he stood the side, still clutching his digivice, as the two had a moment all to themselves. Something Mateo was all to happy to give them, as he shot playful looks at the other wise handsome Aiden.

“Likewise Laika.” Mateo spoke up shortly after Aiden, capitolizing on the young man’s comment he continued by offering as sweet smile, and gently bowing his head. “Pleasure’s completely ours in fact.” he chimmed in, again with the same charming smile, as he drew himself to his full height, standing along side Aiden. “What idiot would believe she’s an exotic animal.” Mateo called out, speaking before he thought, which was the only reason he sounded so harsh as he pointed out the flaw to Aiden. “Not that i don’t believe there aren’t dumb people around here that would easily mistake her as an animal...but maybe we should head somewhere else?” He added offering the idea to the ‘group’, his gaze shifting between the three them.

Sigmund Sauer
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 08:37 PM

Now then Siggy Mund, I've seen your frown and it's like looking down the barrel of a gun, and it goes off and out come all these words, oh there's a very pleasant side to you, a side I much prefer
Something about the taller human with the funny hair seemed to relax the Lunamon. Maybe it was the laugh. If the identity of his supposed Digimon hadn't already captured her interest, the man himself certainly had. Prior to inquiring about the former, however, that very same man had to go on and mention something stupid. She immediately hopped off Sigmund's chest hard enough to cause him to groan, closing the distance between herself and Aiden with a few deliberate stomps of her feet.

Her face formed a cute yet strangely vicious pout as she jabbed a claw up at him, standing on her tippy-toes. "Don't talk like I'm his pet! Or fill his head with such ideas, you ape!" She snapped, her childish tone of voice surely making it rather hard to take her seriously. When Mateo chimed him with his opinion on the charade, the small rabbit turned to him with hearts in her eyes and nodded, paws on her hips. "T-This one's absolutely right!"

Picking himself up to his feet, Sigmund chuckled, remembering how he'd made that mistake when they'd first met-- and how much saltier she'd been on him for it. Maybe it had something to do with the other guy's good looks? He figured that might be it. She adored human clothing and the models within them, after all. Dusting himself off with an open palm, the Digidestined barista agreed with Mateo's plan to group up elsewhere. "Tell you what, guys-- let's exchange information at meet up at my café later. Well, I say my café, but it's just the one I manage. Or, er... co-manage. Basically, I have the keys to a café I work at and we can group up there after hours for a drink if you want."

Abashedly rubbing the back of his neck, Sigmund grinned.

TAG: @Aiden Cooper

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"I'd stay and talk, but you're a bit of an asshole!"

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Aiden Cooper
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 01:01 PM

"Yeah.. You'd be surprised what you can get away with around these parts.."

Aiden gave a nervous laugh while using only the tip of his index finger to lightly scratch his cheek. He recalled the beginning days of his profession as a chosen child when he'd walk around with his Tsukaimon in his arms or on top of his head like a stuffed doll, and no one was the wiser. It was either that or he had her cleverly stowed away in his digivice, the second convenient way to transport her in case he needed to.

It was then that suddenly the little bundle of cute had basically run up to him from his point of view and began virtually threatening him. Yeah she was mad, but Aiden couldn't help but try to hide his smile. Well she was small and adorable like Tsukaimon, but she was definitely a far cry from his partner's persona.

Mateo and Sigmund were in agreement when it came to moving this 'party' elsewhere, and as late as it was it sounded like Sig wanted to continue this even later into the night. Well, once he had taken his partner somewhere else, perhaps.

"Well, I don't mind giving you both my info. If ya ever need anything, feel free to ask, but I may have to call it quits for tonight. Ever since being back to Tower i've found myself quite fatigued, heheh."

Aiden rubbed the back of his own neck before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone so that he could look up his own number. 'Cause, well, a whole year without ever using one's own phone was hell on their memory.

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