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 Digital Worlds Lore, Lucis & Shinra
 Posted: Jul 17 2016, 04:45 AM

Lucis Server
digital world of angels and demons

Lost History...

The Digital World was once overseen by the Celestial Order, a coven of angels lead by Seraphimon. While these angels often remained unseen, they would descend from the heavens to vanquish those who had broken Seraphimon's laws.

When the first digidestined children arrived in the Digital World, Seraphimon and his angels saw them as viruses and made moves to eliminate them. Many digidestineds and digimon alike lost their lives as the battle between the Celestial order and the Digidestineds raged on. In the end, Lucemon, a digimon whose partner had been killed, digivolved to the highest level and destroyed Seraphimon.

Lucemon, in his chaos, went on a rampage which threatened to destroy both, the real world and the digital world. Wisemon sacrificed his eternal life to use a spell that would rewrite history in both worlds. In this new reality, the Celestial Order never existed, and the Digidestined children were never sent to the Digital World. All memories were wiped clean of prior events with the exception of the few digidestined survivors who returned to the real world.

In the beginning...

A man named Kazuo Yamashita had one dream: create the ultimate video gaming experience for his beautiful daughter. It would become a world that children, teens and even adults of all ages could delve into and experience it as if it were life itself, and so Mr. Yamashita had gotten together some of his more closer comrades to begin work on the project. Coding after coding, the project was coming together bit by bit. Mr. Yamashita had to sacrifice time away from his family, more so than usual, in order to help build the world he saw in his dreams. Blocks of data, appearing as white cubes, fell to build the egg that would spawn this brilliant video game world. However, an anomoly that Mr. Yamashita could not predict, nor could he see, fell within. A singular black cube, a rogue piece of data, something that would transform the world he was building. What would start off as a simple video game would turn into an elaborate world full of lives. Lives that did not want to be left behind. When the egg broke open, and the final code was introduced, the Digital World was born.

The first Digidestined...

Thousands of years had passed in the digital world. Digimon were growing, evolving at such a rapid pace that those who had created them could no longer control their existence. At first, creatures appearing as digimon, but separately so, had begun invading their world in an attempt to exterminate them. But while the number of digimon began to dwindle, so did the programs of Zony and at a faster rate. The digimon would not tolerate becoming extinct and would fight for their right to exist, to live. While the emotions and prayers of the world he had created did not reach his ears, Mr. Yamashita understood one thing: his world was fighting back.

In order to wipe out the world he had created once and for all, he got together his best programmers and together they made a far more powerful program than the last. This program, designated "D-Reaper", was a small program that started off by absorbing the form of a small digimon. It evolved quickly, far quicker than any digimon ever could, and was becoming such a threat that a sacred digimon reached out to the human world for help. Calling upon the aid of four human children who had previously been in the digital world, it gave them each a partner. This digimon believed that the bond between human and digimon could prove powerful enough to destroy the D-Reaper, and that they could evolve as quickly as the program did. As the four children fought and struggled, eventually their partners reached the highest possible form of digivolution. However, even in this state the four of them could not destroy the D-Reaper, who had by now reached it's final pinnacle form.

In a last ditch effort, the four brought together their power, borrowing from one another in other to reach one last stage. Their digimon combined, jogressing into Huanglongmon who carried within it the power to vanquish the D-Reaper. With the digital world saved from the brink of destruction, Huanglongmon sent the children back home and separated the link between both worlds. This allowed the digital world to continue existing in peace, while Zony Corp believed it to be gone.

Daemon's rise to power...

As the Digital World grew to know peace, several hundreds of years would go by. The world, while the number of lives grew, seemed to have become static and still. It was something that wise Digimon spoke of. The world was no more than a simple lake, and peace was that of still water. It was then that the ripples of time began to distort their world. A malevolent being known as Daemon had suddenly appeared, and with his grand power he began to terrorize the Digital World. No one knew why he had begun to revolt against the idea of peace, and why he was so angry, but his actions drew the attention of the world's guardian: Huanglongmon. An epic battle ensued and what was once a continent above the sea was soon ruins below it. Huanglongmon was defeated, and their data turned to fractal code which Daemon began to consume. With their dying breath, Huanglongmon connected the Digital and Human worlds once more by opening the portal. The last of his data, which Daemon could not consume, was used to create the Digivices which were sent to Angemon. The world's guardian was now gone, but soon the world would have many to take it's place.

Zony on the alert...

On August 1st, news had spread worldwide about America's worst terrorist attack this century. While many were horrified, others indifferent, there was one man that was completely shaken down to his core when he turned on his television. Mr. Yamashita was reminded about the project he had failed, the world he had abandoned, and the world he had tried to erase. A Digimon had bioemerged into the real world, proving to him that he had failed to destroy his own creation and so he had set a new plan into motion. As an American Zony had recently opened up in the states, he would use it as the headquarters for taking care of the problem at hand. He would hide the existence of the Digital World at all costs, pour money into devices that would help him do so and to help him destroy the Digimon that happened to arrive in the human world. No matter what, he had to conceal the existence of Digimon. In order to do so, he would need an elite team who could find and destroy, or capture, the Digimon that appeared. Soon, Mr. Yamashita would head to the states to over see the plans himself.

Escape to Digitopia...

As the carnage in the Digital world continued, Digimon sent by Angemon tried desperately to find partners that could help them save their world. While many, dozens in fact, would find their destined partner, many more would not. One brave and charismatic Digimon would not falter though. BlackKingNumemon, as he would become once he had managed to digivolve to the Ultimate level on his own, would gather those who had almost given up hope and brought them to the underside of the Ruined District. Humans did not dare to take a step into the area out of fear of being contaminated. But the Digimon did not share this fear. No, they used it as a means of keeping themselves safe. They were in the human world, and so safe from Daemon's conquest. And they were in a zone that humans would not tread, and thus safe from any harm they could do. Here, BlackKingNumemon sought to live out the remainder of his days along with his comrades where no harm would come to them. That was until some Digimon began to lose their minds, and eventually, their souls.

The Iron Curtain...

The Digital Destroyer, a human with nothing but ill intent for either world, was given the Grim Reaper of Digimon. Using the power he gained, he waged war on both the human world and digital world and against anyone who stood against him. He got away in the end, but only after he had destroyed a large portion of Tower Mall. This caused Zony to step in and take action. By creating a barrier that would cause pain to and neutralize any digimon of levels Champion or higher, Zony could better keep a hold of the digimon threat within Tower City. The humans of the real world would be safer from now on, but that didn't help the children trying to free the digital world.

The last horizon...

After months of labour, Zony had finally created their ultimate weapon and they were going to unleash their plan on the two worlds. Eternal peace and bliss for humanity in the real world, while only death and destruction awaited the digimon in their own homes. MagnaAngemon had put forth a distress signal to all with a digivice, warning them of the upcoming disaster. The chosen children who answered the call were given the ability to Biomerge with their digimon. The digital world had suffered great damage due to the battle with Zony's Ultimate weapon - Kimeramon - but in the end the digital world was saved.

However, the digital world itself called back all the digimon from the real world and locked it's gates for one and a half years, creating an era of peace for the humans.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 02:36 PM

Shinra Server
digital world of gods

The digital gospel...

In another realm, a being that was created to consume data known as the D-Reaper brought chaos and death to all in it's world. Allies of good and justice came together to defeat the monstrosity, and upon it's erasure the excess data it had collected started to form along another plain, creating a second digital world. With two digital worlds living side by side, Huanglongmon became the guardian of both. To help watch over the Shinra Server, Huanglongmon created twelve digital gods which became known as the Olympus Twelve, and they sat upon their golden chromdigizoit thrones on Mt Olympus.

Blasphemy from above...

Not all can remain peaceful in any given world, as the opposing laws of good and evil are always prevelant. After Huanglongmon's death to Daemon in the Lucis Server, the Olympus Twelve sought to rid all evil in their own Server in order to prevent the same from happening. However the very crusade they went on in order to ensure peace is what woke up a great evil. The O12 were struck down and erased, their ultimate power being scattered across the digital world in the form of transforming data. The only one of them to escape was Vulcanusmon who immediately went into hiding. The evil entity now began it's plot to take over the digital world.

A new hope...

Vulcanusmon hid well from all other digimon in the digital world. The mon began a plot to get rid of the ultimate evil in the digital world, but he needed help. Hearing of the plight of humans from another server and how they hoped to defend their world, Vulcanusmon crafted many digivices and gave them to wandering digimon he found in Shinra. "Go, seek a human who's soul resonates with this digivice and help save our world". From there, the god digimon would continue to wander the digital world, always on the lookout for new digimon to add to his army, all the while the data of his former comrades began taking on new form.

Small portals began to open up between Shinra and the human city known as Tokyo. They exist as small pockets of space that distort and are well hidden from random commoners, but once a human jumps through they will find themselves within the digital world.


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