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 7. Zony Info and Classes, Adult Chosen Ones
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 12:13 AM

Zony Info
creators of digimon

Zony Corp. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, possessing diversified business primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors. Zony was involved in a project that unintentionally resulted in the creation of Digimon and the Digital World. They eventually decided to scrap the project and created the D-reaper program to destroy the Digital World and its inhabitants. Once all traces of the Digital World had vanished, Zony returned to their usual activity.

5 years later, a MetalTyrannomon bioemerged into the Real World from the Digital World. When Zony executives identified the monster as a Digimon, they were forced to accept that they had failed in destroying the Digital World. Because Digimon could potentially pose a threat to humanity's future Zony leaped into action willing to go through any means to make sure that the Digital World would remain secret.

Zony went to the extreme of releasing Kimeramon and Milleniummon to eradicate all Digimon from the Digital World, however their plan was stopped by children who gained the ability to biomerge with digimon and protect the world. Zony was then forced to reevaluate their position in the world, but they continue to protect ordinary civilians from digimon, and this includes by masking their existence. Zony also advanced and created new means of power within the ranks.

Furthermore, it should be noted that MOST Zony staff and employees are unaware of Digimon. They work in ordinary programming, engineering, and business roles. However, those who are trusted or deemed incredibly useful may be invited to join the team known as DATA (Digital Activity Tracking and Acquisition). All members of this team must be at least 19 and have had no prior experiences with Digimon (such as having a partner).

Characters made for Zony will be given 3 digimon options just as Chosen Children are given. However, the way Zony members use and utilize the children is different.

Zony members are given devices that resemble the digivices that chosen children receive, however they are utilized in ways that vary from the chosen children. They also have the ability to use all 3 of the Digimon choices they are given upon approval.

Biohybrid Digivice (Biohybrids): The Biohybrid Digivice allows a Zony member to Biohybrid Digivolve into one, or multiple digimon, very similar to the Spirit Evolution that Guardian Chosen Children use. Zony members can alter the settings of their digivice to to give them access to three lines of Digimon. As a Biohybrid Digimon, Zony members have all the powers of Digimon without many of the weaknesses. While Biohybrid Digimon are created by a data template, they are 100% organic in form, meaning they are not hampered by devices and attacks that affect data. Transforming into a biodigimon requires shifting between energy and matter, with energy as the intermediate step. This means that a Biohybrid Digimon cannot digivolve from one form to another and must go to their human form in between. Also, if killed while in this form, the Biohybrid Digimon dies normally and does not become digidust.

Loader Digivice (Commanders): The Loader Digivice contains the hollowed data of 3 Digimon who were deleted and loaded into the Digivice. These Digimon had all of their unnecessary emotions and "humanity" wiped out and have become hollow shells of what they once were. Fortunately, they obey all the commands of whomever the Loader Digivice was designated to. Digimon can be stored and summoned at the user's whim, however if a Digimon is deleted their data takes 24 hours to regenerate before it can be used again. These Digimon will not so much as move an inch without their Commander's order.

Digi X Suit (X-Force): The Digi X suit is not your traditional type of digivice. It is a high tech jump suit that can be worn under one's clothing. Rather than giving the Zony member a Digimon form or partner, it allows the Zony member to use the attacks and abilities of any Digimon whose data is held within the suit. It also grants them a bioshield which enhances their durability to the level of the Digimon coded within. Typically there are 3 Digimon in a single suit.


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