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 Momentai [Aisha], wherein marco and aisha reunite
Marco Jun
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 01:07 AM

Tower City's transport station was filled with people to and fro. But Marco didn't understand how he was supposed to find the place to go to the Digital World from there. He'd received the message on his Digivice from this 'Seraphimon' about needing help and, although the little diablo didn't tell him how it knew or anything, Sancho had told him about something called a 'Trailmon Station' hidden here that could get him to the other world. After looking around for a while, though, he hadn't had any luck finding it. It was certainly beginning to frustrate the youth. Enough to the point where he had to stop and take a break, leaning against a subway station wall, cracking open a can of soda he'd banged out of a vending machine earlier with his fist.

Before long, he would feel the claws of the Phascomon he could barely call his 'partner' climb up the length of his leg and latch onto the side of his shoulder. Although he couldn't see Sancho, along with everybody else, he was definitely there. His so-called invisibility was really just a hypnotic effect the Digimon had activated as a passive ability. Watching the people exit and enter the subway train as they went about their lives, Marco made sure not to speak too loudly to avoid being misconstrued as a crazy person. "You find it yet? I'm fuckin' tired of looking around in circles."

"Momentai, mono. It means 'no worries'. I know exactly where we need to go. Just follow my directions." The Phascomon smoothly stated.

Despite still being a little suspicious of Sancho's motives and his willingness to help (not just him, but the Digital World itself), Marco nodded. Just as he pushed himself off the wall he'd been leaning on and cast his empty can into the recycle bin, however, he sensed a familiar presence nearby. Was it... no... it couldn't be...

catch me ridin'
@Aisha Harris exesandohs
Aisha Harris
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 10:15 PM

Tell them I was happy And my heart is broken
Tell them what I hoped would be impossible
Tower City was such a drag. It seemed like each day there compared to three days in LA. Perhaps the fact that her life had been nothing but a borefest since her father decided to move them out here and work for Zony. Despite the crowds of people bustling through the subway, Aisha Harris ultimately felt alone. Her ability to make friends had been hindered by the fact that she didn't give a damn about anyone in her classes to really make an effort. It was school, straight home, homework, forced conversation with her parents until they'd get fed up with her avoiding communication and instructed she return to her room for the evening. It seemed that despite what'd happened months ago, she was still paying for her crimes. Maybe it was just a teenager's thing to grow to resent their parents in some manner. She certainly had that down pact.

With her earbuds in to serve as a silent 'please do not disturb' to everyone around her, she moved through the crowds with a cold set glare in her golden eyes and that platinum blonde hair flowing behind her while she continued her steps until she...felt something. The girl paused in her walk and also reached for her phone in her pocket to silence the tunes. The world had already seemed like it sucked to some degree but she had to believe that it was just getting blatantly ridiculous as she looked up to the guy leaning against the wall before her. Eyes widening in disbelief, she took a step back wondering...what the hell Marco Jun was doing in Tower City. She'd believed herself to had left him thousands of miles away but there he was. There was no mistaking his identity. She'd known the guy since she was in kindergarten.

”The Lord is testing me. ” It was all she could say, continuing to stare into the eyes of a former bestfriend, turned lover turned enemy. What in the actual hell? Are you like...stalking me or something? You take a bus here just to torture me with your existence? ”

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